Welcome to Tealmama! I’m Kelsey Restemayer, the author and owner. Tealmama is lifestyle blog focused on positive, simple living for moms and families.

On this blog I share many of our traditional family recipes, a few new recipes, family life, ideas for special occasion and a little bit about my family & life in Montana.

Where did my the blog name come from? The color teal has always made me just plain happy. And life is all about finding your own happy. For me it’s decorating in my favorite color, spending time with family, sharing awesome food and continuous learning. Which is a lot of what I share on this site.

I hope you find recipes you love and ideas that bring a little bit of joy to your life. I’m so grateful you’ve taken time to stop by!


[teel mah-muh] n:  work at home mother with a love for all things teal and a passion for great recipes, business/financial planning and sharing knowledge with others

origin:  born (and attended college and grad school) in the great state of North Dakota, raised and currently living in beautiful Montana — Norwegian ethnicity. I’m looking forward to sharing some great Norwegian family recipes and traditions!

synonyms:  teal addict, mom of two

see also:  foodie, former finance analyst, excel geek, planner, blogger, wife


The recipe of all time on Tealmama is our pickle, ham & cheese roll-ups. Shared over 35,000 times on Pinterest. And featured on Real Housemom’s 25 Roll Ups for Game Day. This is a family recipe that’s a must at our family get-togethers, baby showers, bridal showers and bbqs.


Our family lefse recipes have also been super popular – How to Make Lefse With 2 Different Recipes. Thousands of shares on Pinterest as well as featured in Buzzfeed’s 26 Foods All Midwesterners Grew Up With.